Best Materials for a White Kitchen Counter

white kitchen counter

In a contemporary kitchen, a white kitchen counter can make a statement against darker elements, or blend in and create cohesion alongside complementary white design features. Whether you incorporate dark or light wood cabinetry, stainless steel or black matte sinks and appliances, pops of color in various spots… it all can pair wonderfully with a bold or more muted white counter surface. So, what type of countertop should you go for if you’re seeking maximum practicality married with style? Let’s explore some prime options that fit the bill.

Best Materials for a White Kitchen Counter

Needless to say, a white countertop (or any other white surface) can invite concerns about inevitable everyday messes being visible or leaving marks. Fortunately, many white countertops feature speckles, veining or other unique patterns that can help to disguise crumbs and other elements of daily cooking and eating in between cleaning sessions. 

Many modern surface materials are also optimized for longevity and simple care, making it a breeze to keep even a pure white stone crisp and clean as the days go on, without much fuss. Top options include:

  • Quartz – As we covered in our last blog post, quartz is a spectacularly resilient and long-wearing engineered countertop material that is available in many different hues and patterns featuring white. Its nonporosity makes it uniquely well situated in busy kitchens, where it can stand up to splatters and spills with minimal risk of staining — no sealing required. Alaska Bianca, Calacatta Frost, Jasper and White Zen are just a few of the fantastic white quartz varieties out there.
  • Quartzite Distinct from quartz, quartzite is a natural stone that will need to be sealed to protect its surface from harboring bacteria or being tainted by moisture and food particles. So long as this maintenance step is prioritized, this material should offer years of performance. From Calacatta Lux to Infinity White to Le Blanc to Santorini White Crystal, white quartzites spark inspiration and retain their luster over time. 
  • Granite – A popular countertop option across color palettes, granite is tough in practice yet stunning in look. Another natural stone, it generally needs to be sealed, but it’s easy to keep gleaming otherwise. It comes in several white-forward varieties, including Crema Antico, Himalaya White, Pitaya and Valle Nevado
  • Marble – For centuries, white marble has been the epitome of class and elegance. An enduring and impressively durable white kitchen counter choice, this natural stone can be at once striking and mellowing. With sealing and care requirements similar to its aforementioned cousins, marble is relatively easy to maintain. Bianco Rino, Ciala Blue, Pegasus and Portinari represent the different routes you can go with premium white marble, from mild-mannered to more outspoken.

Depending on considerations like what the rest of your kitchen looks like, what design effect you’re going for, what level of maintenance you prefer and what your budget is, your best-matched white kitchen counter material can vary greatly. For help finding a winner that suits your needs and wants all around, look no further than the knowledgeable experts at Cosmos SurfacesTM.

Let’s Discuss Your Countertop Project

Over our decades spent working in the surface industry, our family operated company is proud to have assembled a collection of beautiful and versatile options for countertops and beyond. Above, we’ve featured some of our favorite white kitchen counter picks, but this is far from an exhaustive list. 

There’s so much more to choose from, all easily previewable in our online product gallery, complete with more details about their origins, compositions and best applications. We offer:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Quartz
  • Onyx
  • Soapstone
  • Schist
  • And more

For help paring down the full selection to the materials and specific varieties which are best aligned with your particular project and preferences, feel free to reach out to our team at any time for professional design advice or specific maintenance recommendations. 

You can also meet with us in person at one of our showrooms, which are spaced out in cities across the country. Face to face or from afar, we look forward to helping you locate and bring into your kitchen a top-quality new countertop you’ll be thrilled about for years to come!

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Best Materials for a White Kitchen Counter

In a contemporary kitchen, a white kitchen counter can make a statement against darker elements, or blend in…


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