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Finding the right countertop material, pattern and color for your space––and design style––can make all the difference, but it doesn’t end there! Details like stone finishes and countertop edge types can further help refine the look you desire in your home. In this post, the experts at Cosmos discuss popular countertop edge profiles and their visual effects.

What are Countertop Edge Types?

When we talk about countertop edge types––or edge profiles––we refer to the way countertop edges are shaped. This may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference when aiming for a certain aesthetic in the home. Finishing details like edge profiling can truly set your space apart with unique details that draw the eye to your countertops. On the other hand, opting for a simpler edge design can allow other features in your kitchen to come forward and shine.

Popular Countertop Edge Types

Countertop edge types typically fall into one of three categories: straight edge, curved or decorative. Each type can contribute to your design style in its own way. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular countertop edge types out there:


Straight edges often work well in streamlined kitchens, where clean lines and simple design reign supreme. These edges are not sharp, but rather exhibit slightly rounded corners to protect the stone from damage, like chipping. The amount of rounding can often be customized. Straight edge profiles are an excellent choice when looking to highlight another feature in your kitchen, like gorgeous backsplash, eye-catching tile or a centerpiece appliance, as it tends to blend in nicely with the rest of the kitchen, rather than attracting attention to itself.


Top Bevel

Bevel edges pair nicely with contemporary designs. They feature subtle, angular edges, typically at a 45-degree angle (this can often be customized) on top. A double bevel is another great option, featuring angled edges both on the top and bottom of the countertop edge. This style is more detailed, and likely to draw the eye in to highlight your countertops.

top bevel bevel scaled


Bullnose edges come in two varieties: full bullnose, and half bullnose.

  • Full Bullnose edges are rounded both on top and on the bottom. This curved edge adds a softness to the design and can make a countertop appear thinner. Often seen in traditional design, bullnose edges are considered both timeless and classic.


  • Half Bullnose edges are rounded only on the top edge of the counter, which helps retain the softer, curved effect while giving the countertop a thicker appearance.


The Ogee has a concave radius, first dipping then curving outward again on the bottom, creating an angled S-curve. Ogee edges offer a more decorative design style which can draw the eye to your countertops. This classic, elegant option works well in traditional kitchens and provides a sense of detail and texture.

Rock Face or Chiseled

A chiseled edge has a rough, rugged finish that exposes the raw stone of the countertop material. This edge style can contribute to a rustic, natural appearance and work beautifully in a space utilizing warm earth tones, or in a home where natural shapes and features are highlighted and celebrated.


Choosing a Countertop Edge

While we’ve discussed a few of the most popular countertop edge types available, there are many other options out there, with features that can often be customized to fit your space, design intentions and budget. It’s important to note that not all surface materials work well with all edge types, and you may need to check in with a manufacturer to ensure an optimal match between your desired countertop material and the edge style of your choosing.

Work with Cosmos!

Our team of experts can provide guidance on choosing the best, ethically sourced countertop materials and edge profiles to ensure you find the best match for your needs, design goals and budget.

If you have questions about countertop edge profiles and their design applications, please reach out to Cosmos SurfacesTM today! We offer a wide selection of natural stone and our team of experts is always happy to help!

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Luce Di Luna is an elegant, intricately textured type of dolomite marble. Thanks to naturally occurring, often intersecting lines in the stone, it’s easy to get lost in the pattern. Fittingly, its name translates to “light from the moon,” which perfectly describes its soft and brilliant white-gray coloring. It is commonly used for countertops, floors and interior walls.

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