Which Surfacing Materials are Trending for Fall?


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As with fashion, trends in home design tend to come and go – often syncing up with the changing seasons. But over the years, natural stone has maintained a place among the most popular surfacing materials for kitchen & bathroom renovation projects. Given the extensive advantages of using natural stones like granite & marble, trends are unlikely to change their popularity. Still, for homeowners who love to stay hip to all the latest styles, it’s exciting to track how the use of various surfacing materials is evolving over time! Cosmos SurfacesTM is here to give you an insider’s look at all of the latest industry trends for the upcoming season.

Fall 2020: Marble Trends & Other Surfacing Material Shifts

As technology continues to progress and contemporary design styles change, it’s only natural for new stone trends to emerge. Here are a few noteworthy shifts we are seeing this season:

  • Natural stone is gaining a lead over quartzSlowly but surely, quartz is becoming slightly less popular than natural stone. Granite and marble are gaining momentum as countless homeowners favor them for their natural, one-of-a-kind beauty and sustainability. Demand for quartz remains very high for commercial applications, but homeowners are now researching and opting to visit stone yards which promise more natural and eco-friendly options.
  • Porcelain slabs are really catching onAlong with natural stone, porcelains are also trending right now. This is likely owing in part to manufacturing advances which allow the slabs to be made to look virtually identical to naturally occurring stone. More and more frequently, large format porcelain is being utilized for new construction projects, often in settings where quartz or porcelain tile would typically have been used in the past.
  • Marbles have come back in a huge wayAs it makes a major comeback, this classic material is being used in fresh new ways to lend it modern flair. Current marble trends include utilizing colored marble, adorning surfaces with symmetrical bookmatched stone and choosing bolder marble varieties with dramatic, intense veining.
  • The demand for marble looking quartz is at an all-time highAlso happening in the realm of prominent marble trends this season: more homeowners than ever before are seeking out quartz that mimics the look of marble. Hardwearing, but less hard in appearance than marble, quartz is non-porous and highly resilient. For homeowners desiring a more durable material that replicates the elegant look of marble, engineered quartz delivers the best of both worlds.
  • Textured stone finishes are in high demand – Leathered and honed finishes are becoming more popular, suggesting that homeowners are craving more texture in their designs. Check out our blog post on stone finishes to learn about the many different options which can be used to make a statement with natural stone designs!
  • Quartzite is becoming more alluring – With improved treatments and a larger variety of styles available, quartzite is another popular natural stone selection this season. This is no big surprise, given the supreme durability and standout appearance of this material.

Choosing a Surfacing Material: Should I Follow the Trends?

When seeking out the most ideal surfacing material for your project, looking at what is currently trending can be beneficial to give you some inspiration. But ultimately, trends don’t last forever. There’s absolutely no need to feel pressured to choose something that’s in vogue at this very moment!

More than what is trending, you should consider your own personal design preferences and what functional features you desire from the surfacing material. If you’re taking on a renovation project, it’s also important to think about how the material you choose will mesh with the other elements in your current or planned design scheme. Finally, you’ll want to be sure to factor in how well the material is likely to hold up over time, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Look to Cosmos SurfacesTM for Professional Assistance with Any Project

Whether you are eager to upgrade your kitchen countertop, transform your outdoor living space or refresh some other part of your home, Cosmos SurfacesTM provides an extensive selection of stunning, competitively priced natural stone and other surfacing materials. For expert assistance choosing the very best option for your particular project, reach out to our team today!

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