Is Quartz a Natural Stone?

is quartz a natural stone

When comparing materials for a countertop or another home surface, “is quartz a natural stone?” is a commonly asked question. If you’re curious about this, the professionals at Cosmos SurfacesTM are here to clarify this matter, plus tell you all about quartz and its properties while we’re at it.

Is Quartz a Natural Stone?

Not to be confused with quartzite, which is a naturally occurring stone, quartz is an engineered material – although it does contain some natural stone. Featured in its composition are pieces of pulverized minerals such as raw quartz and natural stones such as granite, plus industrial waste remnants like glass. These components are bound together by resin and polymers to create a surface. 

So, is quartz a natural stone in the form used for surfaces like countertops? No, it is technically not, which leads us to our next topic…

What’s Best for My Project: Quartz or Natural Stone?

While natural stone has plenty of perks for various uses around the home, quartz’s composition lends it some unique features which make it well suited to certain applications. Let’s do a quick review of its favorable characteristics:

  • Quartz is nonporous, whereas granite and most other natural stones are porous. This is a key differentiator, as it means that natural stone will most likely require sealing whereas quartz will not. Thanks to this property, quartz will stand up to moisture and resist stains, mildew and bacteria on its own, without you needing to keep up with any sealing requirements over time. In turn, it’s a top contender for demanding, high-moisture applications like shower walls, bathroom floors, kitchen counters and bar or vanity tops. 
  • Quartz gives you a wide range of design options, with more predictability and uniformity than natural stone since quartz is manmade. You can find quartz that looks like marble or granite, in a vast array of lovely hues and patterns. Pure white quartz is popular for creating an airy and elegant room aesthetic, and a variety of undertones are available to complement other design features. Quartz can also be bookmatched – meaning two identical slabs can be placed to mirror each other like the two halves of an open book – for a cohesive and symmetrical look that is sure to be a focal point.
  • Quartz isn’t fussy when it comes to cleaning. Because quartz is designed to resist messes, a soft cloth or sponge dampened with a mild cleaner like dish soap should be enough to handle most cleaning jobs. As is true with any surface, wiping down quartz regularly will help to maintain its brilliance and prevent marks from forming. 
  • Quartz is a top performer in terms of durability. With proper care (i.e. using hot pads or trivets to prevent heat damage), quartz resists cracking, scratching and chipping to an outstanding degree, thanks to its high hardness rating.

With the answer to “is quartz a natural stone?” being no, there are inevitable differences between quartz and stones that are a natural product of the Earth. For instance, granite is harder than quartz and can handle heat more readily. But, granite requires sealing to protect it against the elements of a busy home, whereas quartz lets you skip this maintenance step. 

Details such as these are important to keep in mind in order to land on the very best surface for your personal project, whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, living space, entryway or even outdoors. 

Compare & Contrast Surfaces with Cosmos’ Experts 

If you’re on the hunt for a surface that meets a certain set of criteria – including suitability for your specific application, design desires and care preferences – the knowledgeable pros at Cosmos SurfacesTM are here to help you find it! Stop by the Cosmos showroom closest to you (we have them scattered across the U.S.), or browse our online gallery to get a feel for what you might like in person.

We are proud to feature quartz standouts such Geneva and Jasper alongside hundreds of other options across categories ranging from granite to soapstone. To complement our selection of top-quality surfaces, our team is happy to provide personalized assistance with pinpointing and purchasing your perfect variety. Reach out online or make a plan to visit us and enjoy unmatched expertise & customer service! 

Color of the Month: Pine Forest

Pine forest is a lush, verdant dark green with teal undertones, the perfect color for kitchen cabinets. Pair it with white marble countertops for a distinguished yet warm atmosphere.

Flecks of emerald green and gleaming silver pop out from a backdrop of jet black, taking center stage when the light hits them; this description typifies Emerald Pearl, a type of granite quarried in India. Glamorous without being fussy, this resilient stone makes for a magical backsplash, countertop, accent wall or floor.

Multi-layered, Typhoon Green on the surface seems to be mainly a creamy green. Upon closer inspection, however, crystalline specs and veins of grey, black, and gold add depth and complexity to this Indian granite. The rich diversity of Typhoon Green makes it a versatile option for any space, both interior and exterior.

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