Calacatta Delta

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2CM, 3CM

The Calacatta Delta Cosmos Quartz originates in India and is known for its pooling veins, reminiscent of the Yamuna river in India. With intricate inlets and outlets and eye-catching deltas of Calacatta Delta, one is never bored following the veins of grey contrasted against a white background in this Cosmos Quartz. Often mistaken for marble, designers cannot go wrong with this beautiful and palatable white quartz. Calacatta Delta by Cosmos Surfaces is a fantastic choice for any design aesthetic from contemporary to industrial.

Visit your nearest Cosmos Surfaces showroom now in nine cities – Seattle, Spokane, Greenville, Savannah, Atlanta, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boise, and San Francisco. Find your dream Calacatta Cosmos Quartz countertop today!

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