Find Quartz Countertops for Kitchens at Cosmos SurfacesTM

Calacatta Allure CQ Quartz

In recent years, quartz countertops for kitchen settings have garnered massive popularity for their durability, beauty and ability to imitate high-end surfaces such as marble. Since it offers so much to be thrilled about, it’s no surprise that this manmade material is in high demand right now.

But, as is true with any surface, it’s important to obtain quartz from a reputable distributor who will help you ensure it is truly a well-matched choice for your particular project, plus make sure it is installed properly. At Cosmos SurfacesTM, we are proud to offer top-tier knowledge and service for those interested in quartz and other surfaces, all across the U.S.

Find Quartz Countertops for Kitchens at Cosmos SurfacesTM

Eager to explore the benefits of quartz countertops for kitchen or another room in your home? Here’s the short list:

  • Nonporosity, meaning the surface doesn’t need to be sealed. This gives quartz a leg up over most types of natural stone, which generally require sealing to keep out water and bacteria. Hello, countertops that are easy to care for and remain gorgeous through the years with minimal maintenance!
  • Easy everyday care, with cleaning needs typically limited to a simple wipe-down with a soft towel and mild soap. To sanitize a quartz countertop, all it takes is a solution of ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol mixed into 2 cups of water and put into a spray bottle for easy application.
  • Great strength and resilience in the face of heavy use, so long as measures are taken to protect quartz from heat (the binders can melt if hot dishware is placed directly on it). 

These are some of the main practical benefits of quartz countertops for kitchen and other uses. Better yet, since it’s manufactured, there are virtually endless design possibilities for quartz. 

Quartz to Match Any Design Scheme 

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and we certainly believe that this applies to surface options. Our commitment to giving our customers ample choices shines through in our varied quartz collection, which features:

  • Boreal Black, a dark and moody quartz with whispers of white streaked across the surface in whimsical strokes
  • Calacatta Delta, a marble-look quartz originating from India that calls to mind a free-flowing river with visually intriguing twists and turns of gray traveling through a crisp white landscape 
  • Calacatta Strata, a muted white quartz that also resembles marble, but with the modern twist of thin gray veins that bring to mind distant mountain peaks or atmospheric layers
  • Cinder, a contented quartz characterized by tones of brown, tan, gold and orange, in dabbles and specks of varying sizes
  • Cirius, a cloudy light gray quartz with swirls of darker gray sweeping across it
  • Snow White, a gleaming pure white quartz that is simple yet entrancing

…and dozens of other options. Regardless of the variety you choose, you can’t go wrong in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. Many of these options can even be bookmatched to create a symmetrical look that’s very en vogue. 

But, when deciding on your favorite, it’s important to note that some varieties are better matched to certain applications than others. So, you’ll want to confirm with our surface specialists that the one you have your eye on is a great choice for your needs and desires, whether it’s quartz countertops for kitchen, an accent wall, a fireplace surround or a bathroom floor.

Work with Our Pros to Make Your Space Shine

Since 2005, Cosmos SurfacesTM has been on a mission to be the country’s leading surface supplier, offering competitive pricing, unmatched service and vast knowledge imparted by our team’s extensive experience. As a second generation family owned company, we truly take pride and care in upholding our reputation for excellence.

Whether you’re seeking artful and upfront quartz countertops for kitchen or something that seamlessly blends into your existing design while evoking a sense of calm, we’re here to help you find your true match. We also offer a full range of natural stone options, in case it better suits your project and vision. To get started, reach out to our friendly experts online or find one of our showrooms in a city near you.

Color of the Month: Vanilla

Vanilla is a light, pure golden-yellow with honey undertones. It is perfect for a study or entryway, especially when paired with wood tones or softer sand tone colors.

Opal White is a South African white marble that perfectly captures the delicate colors of its precious namesake. The creamy white and pale green notes make Opal White seem at once clean, modern, and rather mysterious. It’s an ethereal marble with a deceptively diaphanous appearance, masking the super durable reality of this singular natural stone.

Creamy white quartz has never been so captivating as Mystic Gold Cosmos Quartz, with its gently rippling gold Carrara veins against a light foundation. This creamy quartz embodies the serene, soothing quality of wispy clouds drifting across a muted sky. Expect Mystic Gold Cosmos Quartz to hold up beautifully in demanding spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, and beyond.

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