Types of Kitchen Sinks: Materials, Shapes & More

types of kitchen sinks materials

From hand washing to produce rinsing to dish scrubbing, your kitchen sink sees a lot of daily activity. So, it’s important to focus in on types of kitchen sinks materials that are highly durable. At the same time, you’ll of course want your sink to be aesthetically pleasing and complementary to surrounding decor features. Let’s compare some different options that can hit the mark in both categories.

Types of Kitchen Sinks: Materials

Depending on your desired look and which practical features you’re most prioritizing, your best match for a new kitchen sink can vary. As a starting point, we suggest considering these popular options:

  • Stainless steel – Synonymous with sleek functionality, stainless steel makes for an easy-to-maintain sink. It can handle heavy dishware right out of the oven or off the stove, and it won’t rust or stain easily. Keeping it clean and sanitary is also simple, as it’s nonporous and in turn won’t absorb bacteria or moisture. Plus, it’s great for carrying on the theme if your kitchen appliances are stainless steel.
  • Composite – Composite sinks are made from a blend of materials – crushed minerals such as granite or quartz, plus acrylic resins. This makes them a prime candidate for matching with stone countertops to achieve a cohesive look. Even with hard daily use, they’re unlikely to take on dents, scratches or chips thanks to their high hardness level. They’re also nonporous and resistant to (although not totally immune to) staining and heat.
  • Porcelain – While more commonly used in bathroom settings, porcelain sinks are versatile and can pair well with everything from modern cooking spaces to charming farmhouse kitchen designs. Compatible with hot pan bottoms, these timeless sinks hold up reliably well in even the busiest of kitchens – although there is risk of chipping (which can be repaired) if dishware collides with them. 

As you can see, each of these types of kitchen sinks materials comes with its own set of characteristics, including both pros and possible cons. Regardless of which variety you select, it’s important to familiarize yourself with best practices for care and installation to ensure maximum longevity and enjoyment of your new kitchen sink. Check out our more detailed comparison of these three top options for more information.


No matter which types of kitchen sinks materials you like best, you’ll likely have numerous design options. Common sink styles for the kitchen include:

  • Double basin – With two distinct sections separated by a middle divider, this type of sink will help you stay organized, hygienic and efficient. It’ll allow you to keep clean and dirty dishes apart, plus designate a specific area for hand washing, rinsing or messier jobs. Designs are available with two equally sized basins for a symmetrical look, or with one that’s slightly larger than the other (in case you need more space for pots and pans).
  • Single basin – If you prefer a spacious sink that can easily handle cookware in larger dimensions or amounts, a single-basin model may be the right choice for you. This variety will give you plenty of elbow room while making a dramatic visual statement in your kitchen – especially if you choose a sink in a contrasting color (i.e. dark gray against white countertops or cabinets).

When you consider your personal needs and goals, one of these options may stand out in your mind as the clear winner. 

Shape Options

Last but not least importantly, you’ll get to decide on your preferred sink shape:

  • Curved edge – Double basin sinks often feature rounded edges surrounded by a rim. This look can lend softness to your kitchen while lessening the chance of dishes getting broken on hard edges. 
  • Rectangular – A go-to style for a farm or single-basin sink, rectangular sinks are undeniable space maximizers. They can also help make your kitchen feel more open and airy. 

While round and oval sinks are also readily available, these are typically better suited to bathrooms than kitchens. 

Explore High-Quality Kitchen Sinks with Cosmos

If you’re eager to learn more and begin narrowing down the options to the types of kitchen sinks materials and designs that will best fit your home, partner with the professionals at Cosmos SurfacesTM

From the Orion porcelain farm sink to the Vortex 50/50 double bowl composite sink to the Barista stainless steel sink, we have top-of-the-line options for every kitchen. Get in touch for personalized guidance based on your unique kitchen sink wishlist and vision! 

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